Friends of Kepler Card

A special Kepler Card is available (individuals only) at the cost of $5 (or eight stamps) per person per year. This allows you a 50% discount on the normal $10 recommended donation to every one of our official concerts. Note also that the card is fully transferable so, if you can't make it on the night and would like another person to take your place, then your guest need only produce the card at the door.

The card only covers our regular concert series and not specially-commissioned concerts or fundraising events. Please also note that this is strictly a one-person-per-card arrangement, so couples or families wishing to attend regularly should order one for each person. We need to enforce this strictly at the door.

If you lose your card or arrive at the concert without it, we have a printout of currently paid up members, so your membership will be recognised.

For further details on how to get your Friends of Kepler card, you can use the online form on our Contact Us page.

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