Other Services

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Fund raising concerts

The group normally is not available for paid engagements at weddings, birthday parties and similar. However, we are always willing to consider concerts for charitable and other worthy causes.

We take no fee or expenses for such activities but request that the organising body look after all advertising, promotion and negotiating with outside interests and that they work efficiently and effectively to ensure the viability of the undertaking.

In general, we only perform where we are totally responsible for the artists, musical material and conduct of the concert and do not participate in variety concerts organised by others.

Music Arranging and Publishing

The ensemble is able to provide professional music printing services and can transcribe, arrange and print high quality musical scores from a variety of sources. Perhaps you have a song or piano solo you would love to share with the rest of the world but lack the skills, knowledge or training to 'get it down'.

If you can get a reasonable facsimile of your masterpiece to us via singing or one-finger piano, we will be able to transcribe and print it for you. Hourly rate is available on application and we will certainly guarantee to do it quicker and cheaper than just about anyone else, assuming of course, what you supply is transcribable.

The following link will show you a sample of printed music we have arranged for one of our own concerts - sample score

Music Tuition

Most members of the group are reasonably tied up with full-time occupations. However, limited opportunities for private tuition are available and you should contact us if you are interested in learning any of the skills we exhibit in our concerts.

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